Saturday, October 15, 2011

Count Your Blessings

This has truly been a week to count my blessings. I always strive to an attitude of gratitude. I often read Philippians through the whole month of November for Thanksgiving. A short book, only 4 chapters, I could read it all every day. This portion of scripture encourages thankfulness.
In August and September this year, I had really bad headaches. Not sure if it was sinuses, allergies, hormones or all three. And being the good nurse, I waited it out, never going to the doctor. I must admit with pain, being thankful or even positive proves to be a battle. I just did the bare necessities, but then finally had to buckle down and get some cleaning done, near the end of September. The weather changed, soon the headaches decreased and I hardly have them at all now. I also stepped up my voicing appreciation to God.
Being a blogger, I wondered about feed back at times, too. I'd tell myself to ignore response (or lack of it) and just write. It's what I love to do, so do it. Writer, to thine own self be true.
I got tired of driving so much and other hassles with my job. Then, I would think, I love my patients. I am so thankful for the varied people I meet. Gratitude for my years experience lifted me. When they ask me to pray for them attests my Christian life shows.
Last week, I heard different messages on how Jesus loves me. I still struggle with the "He died for my sins while I was a sinner, but since I devoted my life to Him, how can He forgive those sins?" lies. I know my Bible teaches Jesus sacrificed for all sins, the sin of the world. It is finished. He loves me. I can't do this Christian walk on my own strength, no one can, that is why He sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. And He places people, incidents, reading in my life to talk to me. I mentioned Catherine Marshall's A Closer Walk, before. From her words, I think we both suffered from the performance lie. "Must be a good girl, good Christian woman." And we fail. I fail, a lot more than I want. Ask my daughters, they live with me.
This week blessings have overflowed. I happened to meet up with Bill and Myltreda Truby at my credit union. They had read some of my blog and were pleased with it. I mentioned Myltreda in my June 6, 2011 posting.
I beat myself up because Mary Ellen and I need haircuts before our trip this month. I put off calling anyone, because our hair stylist is laid up after major surgery. I left one message with a friend's niece and she didn't call back. Oh, I needed to make an appointment somewhere, but I just didn't do it. Then the young lady called me. We will bless her her first day at a new shop.
Today, Katie and I attended a writer's workshop. That in itself is a blessing. But at the very end, I won the door prize, a plastic basket filled with writing supplies with a hand held notebook the green of the VW I drive for work. Three other ladies are writing about their generations, too. Now, God put us together.
This post is my 150th! I do want to celebrate. We need to mark milestones. I am grateful, counting the blessings of my life, a God who loves me, protects me(a near accident this week) and if I die, I get to go to Heaven- win-win, as far I see it, a wonderful family, a roof over my head, food on the table(mine or a restaurant's), transportation and just so much more. Thank you to my readers, whether you are silent or comment. I love you and I love writing. I count my blessings in good times and bad. But I am grateful, I'm in a good time.
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