Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

I'm looking back at my posts on Teddy and how this all started. Since I was invited to be the editor of the Facebook page, I review what I wrote. On that page, I copy and pasted my first post on Teddy. His now familiar face woke me up then. I wanted to change the world with my words for a boy I never met, but touched my heart.
More than touching my heart, I strove to do something to change. My talent is writing. I reached out to raise awareness. The posts evolved, first to Teddy Tuesday, then with the push for Teddy's Law, I added that. With some of the haggles of  getting a law passed, that had to lay dormant. But a team, Team Teddy, best calls to the purpose of saving more children.
Laws are great, but we need a change of heart. Individuals need to be taught. My posts grew to that with publishing the Child Abuse Hotline Number. I put it on speed dial-1-800-422-4453. I need to work on both aspects.
Teddy's face haunts me, too. I wonder how many Teddy's are out there. We hear of some. There are pages and news articles circulating. Open our eyes to our neighbors. Don't be timid. With reporting suspicions, you don't have to give your name. Just wake up, America.   And we must be kind.

This picture was taken a few months before Teddy was killed. Hero protected his younger twin brothers. The stress shows on his face.

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