Sunday, February 8, 2015

Numbers Fall

February Eighth, Twenty Fifteen
(Numbers Fall)
Mollie Lyon

Numbers fall around me
I wrap myself inside myself
Twenty five- Dad died
Four- I started my blog
We watched Gilmore Girls the first time
Ten- I ventured for Sharon Hospital's home health
Thirty five- I know David
Eleven- Mom broke her hip
David got his job away from home.

The numbers keep coming
On a predawn morning
The head is numb from sinus
I lay in my husband's arms,
The head throbs dull
Like the non-light of morning
As numbers fall with the years I recall,
I see them as numbers and remember those years gone
Six- Mom died
Eight- Katie a senior
Thirty six- I was a senior.

I get up to eat so I can take ibuprofen
And write what no one can read again
I wrap myself inside myself
But I write so I can write more.

The sun is behind those thick clouds
I know it is up somewhere
Just not here
Well I can't see it
Hard to be practical and poetic
The dog scratches himself, then sits at the door.
I let him out, not too cold.
The physical numbness
Seems to be going away
As I hope the numbness in my soul does too.
Twenty six-I've looked out this window
Thirty three-we'll be married
The numbers stopped falling.
I try not to remember much more.

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