Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Four Years

I wrote this last year. I missed the anniversary of my blog beginnings, but I knew it was around this time. I'm adding, I've published Main Street last July. The twenty third- my dad's birthday. A special day filling the accomplishment with deep meaning. I introduce JT, my father as a little boy, falling in love with Martha's house. I continue writing.
My work in progress now, I hope to finish the first draft by next week and publish by my birthday, April 25.
I am also writing for The Way It Was. Next article in the May issue. I was asked to be the editor for the Team Teddy Page. I guess these past four years show progress. And I still struggle with self doubt, time and can I really make a success of this dream? I soul search that I am pleasing God with my writing. That is my North Star. 

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