Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

I read a post on Facebook about the anger some moms may feel with here in the Northeast, the fourth consecutive day off school because of winter weather, with ten total. She gave many reasons for the anxiety. Moms need routine. With tight budgets, unexpected expense of child care, as most workplaces don't shut down because of below zero temps. Bored children eat more, if not watched. Bickering escalates.
During my children's school days, I was blessed with a flexible job. And if the school buses couldn't run, my company didn't expect me to travel roads either. But day after day of two hour delays grow wearying. I truly am glad I don't have to be concerned about this anymore. I don't miss the robo calls, but I thought that was the greatest thing in the last years of my youngest daughter's school career. At least, I could sleep in when I knew the night before.
All this being said, since this day is to increase awareness of child abuse, I urge you readers to pray and be on the look out for stress in moms you may know. Offer some help to these harried moms. Watch kids, if you have time off work. Take in some healthy snacks. Maybe slip some money to help with the unplanned expenses. Most of all, pray for peace in these households.
These winter days can't carry on forever. The sun brings brightness, though, the temperatures are dangerous. Soon, though, we will get a break and the warmth of the sun will outweigh this cold.

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