Friday, May 30, 2014

Love Affair

The weather this last week is what we in Western Pennsylvania wait for all winter. Last night, I walked my dog after a busy day of being off. I glanced at my phone, nine twenty three and still vermillion at the western border of the sky. Above me, pale blue with few twinkling stars reminded me of how great our lingering sunsets are.
I love to walk. Last year I started a series on places to walk in Hermitage and surrounding areas. The next few days, I will repost those stories, as well as writing about some new ones.
I see pictures from Cape Cod and Connecticut. I loved our summers when we lived in New Hampshire and Connecticut. Still, my complaint when we lived there, the sunsets came too early. Last night kept my realization that I live in the best place. I have truly come to love my home.
I always treasured Buhl Farm Park. We really have a gem there. I would dare say no other public park compares. So sit back and read my posts, enjoy. Then get off that seat, take a walk, and create.
My novel, now, Last Free Exit, feels like an unruly child. I fret over the direction it should take. I write some, then my alarm sounds for me to take my shower. I have to write to get insight. I know, too, when I finally finish the first draft, I will trim and weed the words and scenes. I had an original deadline of June to be finished, with all the revision and editing, but alas like so much of my life, the time table gets upset by weather, health and just plain exhaustion. In the meantime, I wrote a lot of poetry. Always fertile, just not the way I plan.
Another positive yesterday, I finally met my cousin, Kori Turner, the owner of the quilt shop in Fowler. She looks like a Thompson, my Grandmother Evans' Thompson family, flaxen blonde hair, blue eyes and a bit of a round face. I was close to Christina's house (my character from Country, a Gables and Gingerbread story).  Like the first time you meet anyone, I kept the camera at bay. Some of the Amish belief that a bit of your soul leaves with a picture may have placed a shyness over me. I warned her, I will call next time to get some pictures. We exchanged cards.
Today, I connected with Mercer County authors Facebook page. I look forward to again, making new friends. I listened to the magical morning sounds today, first the birds, then the quiet beginnings of neighbors' days. Now, the raspy smooth voice of Southside Johnny with La Bamba's Big Horns, Grapefruit Moon wraps around my writing. My love affair with mornings, sunshine and life continues.
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