Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hermitage Recreation Maps of the trails I am writing about in the next few days. 
First published last summer.
 My fine city of Hermitage does offer much recreation. The granddaddy of the options is our beautiful Buhl Farm Park, that I have referenced many times before(like yesterday with the concert and fifty cent hot dog). I live near the park, so it is by far my favorite. The park provides swimming, tennis, fishing as well as the trails. The committee also organizes days, like the Great Outdoors Event, a few weeks ago, Clean Up day in the spring and Winter Festival, as well as their jewel of a day, Buhl Day on Labor Day. I love the park.
We also have the Rodney White Park for trails. The tennis courts are on the school property, but opened to the residents. The trail for Rodney White Park meanders around the back of the high school grounds. Some of it feels like walking through someone's backyard. It is short, but shaded most of the way. Double backing would help with the mileage. In the summer, walking a dog with a black coat, makes this trail ideal. As you can see from these pictures, the feeling of being in the woods overwhelms, with red berries, not quite sweet from sunshine yesterday, but still good.
A playground for the kids has that soft foam. I appreciated this when my girls were young if it had rained. No mud when the weather cleared. A gazebo for picnics or next month, my book signing, sits in the middle. Public bathrooms are clean.
Other exercise seekers can always walk or run the track. Before the trail was finalized, I met some mothers a few times on the track for walking. Walking in circles did little for me, when I had luscious Buhl Park out my front door. 

I do enjoy the Rodney White Trail this year. Great for when time crunch raises its ugly head and the heat is on. Rodney White competed in the Olympics a few years back in archery. The park is named in his honor, one of the Hickory High School graduates' accomplishments.
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