Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Can't Believe It's Been Three Years

Another post from three years ago:
 So, I don't want to give credence anymore to Harold Camping, but the
Rapture is our blessed hope(Titus 2:13) and it saddens me to see it being tarnished this way. Christians should live each day as it is our last, in fact, everyone should. The Rapture is real, it is going to happen and everyday brings us closer to the Glorious Day(Casting Crowns popular song at present).
I've heard the argument that Paul thought it was going to happen in his day, before he died and of course it didn't. I still think if you had been to the "Third Heaven", (2 Corinthians 12) you would want this world to end.
I think our best answer to the end of the world topic is 2 Peter 3. And really the whole Bible. We need to live each day ready for being called home, whether by the last trump or our individual death. Someday, our world is going to end.
I do wonder that like the first coming of Jesus, when so many were looking for a savior, a deliverer, even outside the Jewish culture, and it came to a head. Like it had to be within that time frame, so are the prophecies, predictions of the end of the world at present. Back then they were searching everywhere for the Messiah, except in the lowly manager. In the last days, there will be no missing the second coming, but some will miss the Rapture, excusing it for something else. Why? Because Christ is not coming then, He is calling us home.
Christians be ready. Speak boldly of our Jesus and His love for all. He wants none to perish, but acceptance of Him is what is necessary. Yeah, seems intolerant, but let the Holy Spirit lead to those who are ready to accept this message.
My favorite Chris Rice song says it all for me,"Run the Earth, Watch the Sky."
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