Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday

Today, I see is also National Teachers Day. Thanks to the many great, inspiring teachers now and in the past. They have such an impact on young lives. In their jobs, they face more difficulty than ever before.
Let's pray for teachers that their eyes may be opened to abuse and neglect their students may be facing. Pray for their wisdom and discernment. Pray for their words to be points of light.
My friend is a teacher in one of our poorest communities in the Shenango Valley. She said last week this has been the toughest year with discipline and behaviors, even the veterans of twenty plus years state they have never seen such a "bad" year. She also noted that they don't pray together this year. In years past, several teachers took their Wednesday lunch break to fast and pray. They are thinking they may need to reinstate this.
I assume most of my readers believe in prayer, but for the sake of those who do not hold those views, I write this. Prayer mostly changes us. Our attitudes improve when we are in the presence of God. That positive attitude changes the atmosphere where we are. If a group is of like mind, greater is that change. So also a negative mindset affects the environment.
That is why we ask for prayer. We're not always bargaining with God- leave that to soap operas. I do believe God listens and wants to hear our thoughts a loud. So pray for teachers as a group. Pray for yourself for wisdom in observing children around you. If you don't believe in prayer, the thought that is planted in your head will make you aware of what you need to do.
Now, to my praying friends. Pray because you know it works.
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