Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teddy Tuesday

I again am taking from the Teddy's Law Facebook page. Last week the Vindicator ran the interview with the mother of Teddy, who is in prison for fifteen years. As I wrote before, I had met Shain as she worked for another home care company and I noticed the decline in her service about the time she met Zaryl Bush. I understand the sentiments and I in no way would think Shain or any mother should be forgiven in the legal system. I cannot even sympathize with the "victim" mentality. I know for myself, I would never expose my daughters to another man. Anger rose in me when my husband, their own father, would be unjust in his statements to them. He never bordered on abuse. I can't image exposing them to an abusive man. No man ever is worth that.
So, my question today, is how do we build up women? Some of these girls are looking for "love." I know it is in a relationship with Jesus, but how do we get to that point? How do we reach young girls so they don't open themselves to poor relationships and children are abused and killed? I've been reading many articles on child abuse and so often it is the mothers' boyfriends. I've written about Christian women praying for young ladies purity two years ago. http://missmolliesmusings.blogspot.com/2012/03/mothers-prayer-movement.html Pray helps, but do you feel we need more? How can we be aware and build esteem? And when do women take the blame?
This is unedited:
 This story really made me upset today. When will Shain take blame for her involvement in Teddy's murder. Why would the The Vindicator publish this story? Why would it make front page. This is one more ploy to make her the victim. Has Shain forgotten that she helped that MONSTER covered up Teddy's murder? It is pretty sad that two attorney's dropped her appeal case because the evidence was so stacked against her. Now she wants to speak out to other woman. GET REAL! She had every chance to get out of her situation. And she didnt. And from what i heard she also participated in the abuse. She is a very sad individual. She failed her children. But she is still aloud to see her two other children. What is wrong with our system? We all know it is broken. But why does she have rights to see her children? They covered up Teddy's torture, abuse and murder. It is beyond me. This is another sad attempt to make her self the victim and try to wiggle herself out of her prison sentence. Admit your role in this crime, shut up, and serve your sentence. Please let Teddy rest in peace. What i am asking ever single member on this page is to share Teddy's story. Be a voice for Teddy so he can protect other children. With the work of many and Teddy's memory we will make it our life's goal to make sure no other child has to endure this type of treatment.

Shawn Tedesco and Team Teddy


  • Debra C. Jadick I hope you don't mind but I posted this on their website; How disgusting that you would put this woman on the front page. Why not do a story on what she allowed to happen to her child? So she was abused. Big Deal so was I. So she was homeless BIG DEAL so was I. I never allowed a child to be abused , I would never allow a child to be MURDERED. Why not do a story on Abuse and Womens shelters to get the word out, A link to different shelters, phone numbers instead of glorifying what this sick woman did. She is not a mother she is a monster. Why not reach out to the people who actually loved Teddy, like his Father. Teddy's abuse was not a hidden abuse he was TORTURED!! Theodore Foltz-Tedesco suffered horrific child abuse at the hands of his mother's boyfriend Zaryl Bush. Teddy was beaten to death and was put thru various kinds of torture. The torture he endured included walking on hot coals, shoveling snow in his bare feet and other horrible acts. This is nothing short of heartbreaking. That one man could do this to a child. . Both Zaryl Bush and Shain Widdersheim were arrested for their crimes. . They were both offered pleas deals. Although it protected other children from not testifying I believe that the penalties should be harsher for torture of a child when there is a guilty plea. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now! Please be our voice in fighting for Teddy's Law!

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