Thursday, February 13, 2014

Storm Tossed Morning

Storm Tossed Morning
Mollie Lyon

My strength is beaten
The storm tosses, tears apart my boat
I hang on to a shard
It won't keep me afloat.
I stretch down deep
I reach with my feet
I feel the Rock,
An Anchor solid.

I claim the life of abundance
I stand, knocked about
My feet don't want to dance
I stand with no desire to shout
A whimper, but I won't be low laid.
My strength is not my own
I am nothing, but what I am made.

With Jesus, my Rock,
I'm anchored in strength
In this moment I am not locked.
I can move
I can dance
I can run
I am alive.
In Him alone, I put my trust.

Even though I am not affected by the storm in the East, we have all kinds of storms and we need to trust in Jesus, alone.
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