Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teddy Tuesday

On the AP:
STRUTHERS, Ohio (AP) — A man is suing a northeast Ohio child services agency after the death of his 14-year-old son, who authorities say was tortured and fatally beaten by the boyfriend of the boy's mother.
Shawn Tedesco of Sharon, Pa., sued Mahoning County Children Services on Wednesday, seeking information after Teddy Foltz's January 2013 death.
The Vindicator in Youngstown (http://bit.ly/1jfsgrk ) reports Tedesco alleges the agency was notified that Teddy was abused but acted negligently by not actively investigating his mother's household.
The agency's director wouldn't comment on the lawsuit.
Teddy's mother was accused of allowing abuse and pleaded guilty to related charges.
Prosecutors say her boyfriend beat Teddy after years of torture that included forcing him to walk on hot coals. He was sentenced to up to life in prison and has appealed

From Teddy's Law Facebook page:
Tonight I would like to talk about the foundation we are setting up for Teddy. It will be called The Team Teddy Foundation. We are very excited to bring Teddy's name on and raise awareness to other children. I want this foundation to serve as protection to abused children. No child should ever feel like they are alone. We also will fight for Teddy's Law. To strengthen the laws against child abuse. We have had a bad few months. But it is time to be positive and move on from our failures. We still need help. Please do not give up on us. A lot of us are new to all of this. We are in it's for the long haul. And we cannot do this without all of you. We are all Team Teddy. Please continue to share Teddy's Story.

Team Teddy!
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