Monday, August 19, 2013

Fresh Feet

I check my stats still on this blog and I have more here, not writing every day than I do on Wordpress. What gives? I don't understand this blogging world. I do know Blogspot is easier to maneuver, so I believe, hang the business cards, I'm coming back to Blogspot. I'll continue to monitor the stats, but I found Wordpress houses Techno demon or is more open to him. I'd link you to that post, but I can't pull it up on Wordpress to copy the address. Maybe you'll have better luck.
I found I got out of "read-only" for polishing my novel, so I hope to publish Summer Triangle this week. I rested this weekend, got the batteries recharged as they say and picked up the PDF file with new eyes. It is going much easier now. I feel like writing copiously again. I always want to write, but with time crunches and glitches with the lap top, I became frazzled.
I prayed about my dreams. I rested in God this weekend. I see as I should now. I'm back here at Blogspot. I'll see how the numbers respond. And I have new ideas for my paying job, how to respond to the stress there. This week steps on out on fresh feet.
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