Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Prayer Request

I'm at a career decision point. I found I slept a lot more than I thought I would today. I need a clear mind. I am praying for God's direction. Until I really make money with my writing, I have to keep in the job world.
I am blessed that my career pays better than some "starving artist" jobs. I am a registered nurse. I became burned out for awhile, but working at a skilled nursing facility has renewed my love of being a nurse. Yet, like so many professions, we have to weigh the policies and politics of the work place. I know many teachers complain of the meetings, the in services, and rules. We all share an enjoyment of dealing with people, helping them, hoping to improve this world, if only we could get away from the desk. Funny, how as a writer, I rail at all the paper work involved in my profession.
Any ways, this weekend, I'm asking you readers to pray I make the right choice or God opens yet another door. I need now to work on the polishing. The end is in sight. Thank you.

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