Sunday, October 28, 2012

Youth Group in Eighth Grade

The next two years of youth group our advisers were the Tomers. We had great years with this couple. The first retreat was at Westminster Highlands in the winter. We actually stayed at Luther Lodge. The snow and different sleeping area with just our group created a cozier feeling of my camp experiences.The Walkers cooked for the weekend, as we centered all activities in the Lodge.
We also had a weekend at Crestview, another Presbyterian church camp the next year. Other youth groups shared the camp that weekend. The groups stayed in separate cabins, but we ate in the main dining hall and had a dance in big gathering building. I enjoyed preparing for the dance, with my blue jeans and blue flannel shirt. A Walton's sensation of stepping back in time filled my evening.
Part of these retreats involved more intense devotion time. We could talk more. The women that came along gave us advice as we laid in our sleeping bags after lights were out.
Mr. Tomer that first spring made a large, white, wooden cross with shelves. The youth group sold Easter lilies to the congregation to place in memory of loved ones passed. Easter morning, that cross filled with those trumpeting white flowers, overflowing onto the steps to the altar, the sun streaming through the stained glass windows caused the joy to bubble up in me.
At Christmas, we sold poinsettias in the same manner. The white cross again carrying the red flowers and filling the steps. This tradition lasted for several years. Not only did it add beauty to the season, and people could remember their loved ones, the youth made money and were involved in the worship.
The cross last year at Easter. Looks like they painted it, but still a statement.
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