Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beautiful and Dark

I'm kind of in a funk. October a beautiful month and a dark month. The sun is going away it appears, yet such vibrant skies during some days explode with color of the leaves.
I'm so tired of the election news. I don't dare comment. I truly am tired of offending. It isn't worth the grief of being attacked. I just wonder what this country will get, but I can't give up on hope. Our founding fathers set forth this experiment of a republic with belief in God. No other country had ever tried that before. I don't think we realize how unique our history is.
We can't give up, not matter the results. I believe like a pendulum swings slowly, so do trends. Or is it like waves, because it can feel wild and unpredictable at times.
I think October is a dark month, even with all its glory.  An oppression smothers as sameness creeps in with the longer nights. I miss summer, windows open, children playing into the dusk, even the too many firecrackers for a month around the 4th of July.
There is joy in a broken heart for followers of Jesus. I need to cultivate that and wear warmer socks. I also know October flies away and we have Thanksgiving. Be ever thankful.

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