Sunday, October 14, 2012

A New Day Dawning
We have been singing this song for about a month in church, introduced on a Wednesday evening service. We sang it a few times that first night. The song ushers us into a new era, as revival waits on the threshold. I have not experienced a new song capturing the route of a church as I believe this song does.
The peculiar aspect of first hearing this song is I never heard it before I did in church. So often, I will hear a song on the radio long before it joins the worship roster. This tune as soon as I heard it, my ears perked up and my heart eagerly learned it. The words fit the desire for a new day dawning, even as those words are part of the song.
The ending verse encapsulates my determination to be faithful to the end, always singing praises to my Lord and King. I heard of a lady, who prayed often. She died and they found her next to her bed with her Bible open. She had been on her knees praying and reading her Bible, just changed places.
Lord, I pray for a revival as we learn what it means. May I be ever faithful.
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