Saturday, October 13, 2012

Morning Watch

I woke so easily this morning, I felt it must be the four am hour when I tend to arouse during the week. But the clock read shortly after six. The darkness created the isolation needed for quiet time. I relaxed because the day planned no immediate rushing out the door.
I have been reading a devotional book by Andrew Murray, Teach Me to Pray, I found for a dollar at the dollar store, for almost eight years. Each morning, despite having read it so many times, I love the freshness. The last week has been on the importance of the morning watch.
I know many are not morning people. Believe me, sometimes in this time of the year, I'm not either. I sit with my Bible in my lap and the words swirl around until my eyes can focus. But I feel I need to dedicate those first few minutes(in my case, almost an hour) of the day to the Lord. Finally, on those days, I'm able to read the words that fill me. This dawn I did not have trouble reading.
The daylight came later today, as first the sky lightened slightly, then slowly a bright blue burst through my window. The temperature denied the sun at thirty one degrees. The dog slumbered on my couch with droopy eyes, and outstretched paws. Dreaming of a walk, later?
I recommend this time, I always have. A few minutes even with a cup of coffee or tea, a short prayer to ask the Lord to take control of the day. A minute to gather thoughts and peace. As Andrew Murray writes later in the book, you'll be surprise how you ever thought five minutes were enough.
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