Friday, October 19, 2012

Speak to Me
Audio Adrenaline,a Christian band, played in the 90's. My oldest daughter listened to them and I was impressed by the lyrics, as well as the music. This song played through my head last night while I slept. I had already determined I would listen to one of their CD's on the way to work with this song on it.
I read Hebrews 12 a few weeks ago, impressed that I should memorize it. I must admit verses from early years come very readily to my mind, but the whole chapters are harder now. Yet, I read through the chapter every night and slowly commit a verse to memory and then build on that.
I heard a story of a person looking for a word from God. He spied a black box with"Believe" boldly in white and "Trust your instincts." It was a vodka box. Was God using that box?
I affirm reading the Bible and memorizing verses. Part of my upbringing involved much memorization in Sunday school, Release Time, and Good News Club. The easiest way to remember the words is through song. Good News Club utilized this method a lot. Release Time gave memory verse papers, smaller than 3x5 cards, with a picture at the top with the verse on the bottom half, in black print on colored paper. In Sunday school openings, we repeated the verses every week. The tools for my Bible award they gave us were long book marks. We memorized them, then recited in the hall to the awards lady. We had three years to try, getting our Bibles the beginning of third grade, when reading is just a bit easier. I did the extra so I could earn a red letter edition.
The best part of all this memorization is the Word is in my heart and the Holy Spirit uses it. He brings
it to my mind when I need it. These days that is often. The words comfort me, inform me, rebuke me.
They speak to me because I have hidden them in my heart.
God's word says it will not return void or empty. I am amazed at how a verse will fit a situation.
If you are looking for God to speak to you(or maybe that sounds too crazy), getting into the letter He has written to us and studying it, devouring it and soaking it into heart gives you a knowledge of His voice. A person wants to know the plan for his life. Read the Book. But one can't pick verses. The whole story builds you up. Reading it over and over sounds boring, but it is fresh every time. A different word or idea may pop out at you at varying seasons.
I'm not saying God doesn't use other situations, but make sure it lines up with His word. How can a Christian know, if he does not read the Bible? I encourage you to read the Bible every day and maybe more often than that. Memorizing will help it come to your mind as you need it.

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