Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Stretches Out with Promise

Glorious, peaceful Monday morning here in Western Pennsylvania. Last week of school for my daughter. Friday, she will move up to her senior year. Where does the time go? as everyone says.
I love June, as the summer stretches out before me with such promise. Every year, so much planning into summer. The Pentecostal Evangel, publishes the best summer reads next week. We think of long days, reading, playing, swimming, projects the kids can do.
Reality hits, though, and summer can be the craziest time. No hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer, it seems as an adult. I look forward to a real vacation this year, more than a week. I love reading older books, when a month or two vacation at the shore seemed to be the norm for some. Many times the families packed up with the fathers visiting on the weekends. Hmm, sounds like my life, now. Only as a mom, I have to also work outside the home, no beach vacation.
I love perusing magazines that show pictures of these beach homes, cottages. I like the simple ones, but if anyone offered me a large condo for a week, I'd be more than happy to pack up and be there. As Tina Fey says, "I want to go to there."
I love these mornings, with green so luscious against the robin egg blue. Bright sun in my eyes, birds singing and chirping, flying by. Very few human sounds, yet as it is just seven in the morning. The light has been growing since five. My soul is renewed with the sun and prayer and time alone with my Creator.
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