Monday, June 25, 2012

Evening Fun

After days at the beach and/or around the pool, we ate supper. Diane loved putting Bette on loud to clean up afterwards. One night, they put Elton John on-Crocodile Rock- and danced. I still want to work to loud music.
I sometimes sat on the dock, just thinking and writing, feeling the cool breezes. Or swam a little after supper, because the pool was there and I could. Or enjoyed the night air, riding around the small business section near the condo.
We played games. Diane taught me chess. We engaged in 500 Rummy. Diane mostly won those games. Sometimes we visited the elderly couple next door,(they were probably in their 50's). They introduced me to Yahtzee. I had beginner's luck and did very well the first time.
Saturday evenings, we watched the local boxing match from Mobile(Mobeel) Alabama. The mike spiraled from the ceiling. The referee wore short sleeve button shirt with a bow tie, black pants, white socks and black shoes, drawing out his words, "In thi-is corn-er...", lifting his leg behind him, like a pointer dog. He was the reason we tuned to that channel at 1130 PM.
I don't remember viewing too much more TV in the evening, except Geraldo Riveria's Goodnight America, a news show. It may have come on after the boxing spectacle. I thought he was really cute back then.
I mentioned other activities we did in the evening in my prior posts. Much of this was new to me and I reveled in it all. A different world had opened to me that I loved.
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