Friday, June 22, 2012

New Stuff

One of the best aspects of my trip to Florida was all the new experiences. I mentioned some of the food yesterday. Diane surprised me she could cook. Remember she was 26. She hadn't lived at home for eight years. We kind of didn't really know each other, so this was an extended getting close time.
Also Diane doesn't mess around with cleaning. In the evenings when she cleaned up after supper, Bette Midler loud on the stereo. Herman sat outside. My first Saturday there we went through the condo like a whirl wind. Herman cleaned the cars, the Z and the old tan Ford that we drove to the beach. By noon, the chores were done and we headed to Hardee's. We didn't have Hardee's up north, so this was one of my first treats. A great juicy hamburger, fries and chocolate milkshake rewarded for hard work. I learned Florida road laws, like being allowed to turn right on red as we hurried to the fast food place.
When the Farrell friends arrived over the Fourth of July, I was introduced to some more adventures. They took me to the dog races. Even though I was thirteen, I passed for eighteen, the legal age to enter the gates. Maybe that is why I still love greyhounds and whippets. I have never been back to a dog race since, even though they had them in Connecticut, when I truly was legal age. I didn't bet anything, I just enjoyed the crowd and the races.
I didn't dare try the Hurricane drinks they made after a trip to New Orleans. Diane threatened me with a camera and "Lake Tawkwa." Like as a three or four year old I knew I was tatalling on her. But I'm glad she helped keep me on the straight and narrow. But those drinks sure looked inviting in those fancy glasses.
When these friends stayed, I gave up the room and slept in the master bedroom's closet. Now this was a huge closet. I have been in smaller bedrooms. It had two doors, one to the bedroom and the other to the bathroom. Herman came in early to get his uniforms before reporting to the base. He would rib me about sleeping in the closet. 
In my room was a Oriental pin ball machine that unfortunately I can't remember the name. I played it a lot. I slept on a futon. A round chair from their Oriental tours also furnished the room. I easily could have fit into this room.
I also kept a journal, even back then. But I believe I destroyed it. I wrote some on that dock. Made me feel artsy.
Next time I'll tell about some day trips we took.
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