Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Itinerary

Mom and Dad decided since he was unable to make those long drives and I also think to keep me away from "the Pittsburgh boy" that the summer of 1974, I would visit all three siblings. Diane and Herman had returned from their stint in Thailand. Some stories there. I tell you, I have to get Diane to guest blog or maybe Herman.
Diane stayed with us in the winter of my seventh grade year for about a month I think. I know they drove into Walton Beach, FL in the dark in late January. Diane thought it had snowed, but she saw the white sand sparkling in the moonlight. They were in Florida for Herman's last tour of duty.
Dan and Jody married in March that year. They found an apartment in Fredricksburg, Virginia as Dan was still in the Marines. Jody didn't work right away.
Gerri Lee, Thom and Debbie remained in Bloomfield, NJ. They were still on the roster, as always. I spent at least a week every summer there.
Church camp at Westminster Highlands outside of Elmenton, PA, another must and stand-by. I loved my camp experiences.(read last years postings about camps).
I figured it out. That summer all told, I was in West Middlesex for one month, or four weeks. The boy didn't even come up that summer for a visit. In fact, I didn't see him again until September of my sixteenth year. Then we had the short romance.
So even though, I'm skipping my school year in seventh grade, I thought I'd keep with the summer theme. I'm enjoying this summer so much, I don't feel much like thinking of school, winter and drudgery for now. The next posts will be about my travels to Virginia, Florida(in the back of a 240Z), New Jersey shore and camp in the foothills of the Allegheny mountains. And Michelle, I will inch my way to the Casino dances...
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