Saturday, May 7, 2011

Travel Memories- Part 1

My father worked for a steel mill and after so many years he earned 13 weeks paid vacation.  That was 1970 and we took 3 major vacations for important events in his children's lives.  The first one was the trip south for my brother's graduation from Marine boot camp.  We were there to support Dan.  My father wrote him a letter every single day to encourage my brother through the toughest time in his life so far.  He told my mom, that is the hardest thing a young man can go through.
The second trip was out to Kansas to see my sister graduate from Sterling College.  I think we were hardly home from the April trip and we were back in the car for that adventure in May.  I'm racking my brains if that was our first trip to Kansas and I don't think it was.  So, I may get my stories mixed up in time.  Yet they are so vivid.
June saw us in Wildwood, NJ with my other sister and her daughter.  After the SC trip and before the Kansas trip, my parents purchased a VW campmobile.  We camped in Wildwood and I met a French Canadian girl, named Josie, who spoke no English and I no French, but her father knew English and helped with communication. We had a great time.  We also found a turtle along the road that we kept in the pot we were going to use for peeing in the middle of the night.
The next I don't know how many blogs I'll be recalling these trips, hope to add some pictures and hope to have some fun!

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