Friday, May 6, 2011


Spring of the year when old women remember travels of their youth.  Ok, not poetry and I'm not thinking of war, just battlefields of wars gone by.  Gettysburg, PA.  1970- Returning from our 2 week trip to Perris Island, SC to witness my brother graduating from Marine boot camp, we arrive in Gettysburg on a rainy, foggy morning.  In a little country restaurant, place mats with blessings from different religions are printed, which I read while we wait.  Praying before meals was common then, even in public places and this encouraged those who didn't know what to pray, I guess.
I had the back seat to myself, always a boon to traveling with children.  Sometimes lonely, but I could look out the windows without hindrance. My mind soaked up the fruit orchards in gray rain and mist.  I remember it was deemed too wet with poor visibility to view the battlefields. I also learned about Presidents retiring and not living in Washington, DC from Ike's home.
Last Sunday, I drove through the rain in Gettysburg and also got to see the countryside as we inched along a "blue detour."  An emergency scene forced us off the beautiful 4 lane highway.
Yesterday, my daughter had a field trip to Gettysburg in bright sunshine.  With sun exposure on her nose and cheeks she could only say it was lame.   She wants to return to dig deeper.  A promise is made to explore more.  Maybe in the rain.
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