Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yes, this whole Rapture talk had me looking to the clouds frequently the last few days. Yet, I love clouds and look to the sky often. The majestic towers of those white puffiness fascinate me. Nothing is better than as a child laying back on the soft grass and gazing at those formations and making up stories.
Learning the science of them, the facts, makes the gazing even more interesting. I think how far they are from me and how tall they are. I am amazed. You add color at sunset making the beauty overwhelm me.
So this ties in with the travel stories. The best cloud watching I ever did was in Missouri. Dad found a campground, we had made and ate supper, the redding up was done(I've been dying to use redding up). Mom and I sat at the picnic table on a hill with all the numerous characters in the clouds before us. They just seemed to roll past us, waiting for our story about each one, then another would come along. The colors, and shapes were so vivid. The evening delightful.
Years later in a card, my mother wrote about this evening, "Remember those clouds in Missouri?" Such a bonding evening that the memory lasted for years.
I loved too seeing the clouds' shadows on the prairies. On the forest hills, those shadows aren't as noticeable. The flat green expanse with the dark mark of clouds on it again opened my eyes to something new. With the wind those shadows rolled right over the green and I thought that was remarkable. The land and sky seemed to go on forever to this little girl.
I guess I keep that wonder deep inside me. I marvel at the sky and I love the Creator of it all. I keep that close to me as I continue to watch the sky.
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