Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bit All Over the Place

I'm not sure what to write about today. So many things. I had planned on writing about community theater- it's back in the Shenango Valley with excellent production value.
I checked my email first. I didn't recognize the address at first and almost deleted it, but it was from my husband's cousin, her father passed away this morning, peacefully in hospice. Sure is a stark contrast to the original thought of the day. I "chatted" with friend about it, because being so early, I have no one else to tell.
I have been married into this family for 29 years tomorrow, so Uncle Clark is mine, too. His wife had a baby shower for Katie and I at their house, when they still lived in Emporium, PA. They stayed at our apartment when one of their cousin's daughter got married in Rhode Island.
It was said at one time that David looked like Clark. Tall and thin. Uncle Clark was quiet and as his daughter said in his e-mail lived a good Christian life. He was a peaceful man as far as I could see. We always got an Christmas letter and card.
My father-in-law adores him. Even went so far as to name a dog after Clark's nickname- "Tager" or Tiger for those not from the hills. In high school his nickname was Tiger Lyon.
He served also in WW2 as I believe an instructor in the Army. It's too early for me to check my info-
June 17th, he would have been 91. I remember just 4 years ago, he was visiting in Emporium with his only daughter, again for a wedding- his great niece, Heahter's and the next day he was being honored in 1st UM Church in Emporium for his birthday, but he also served this church for a long time. My father-in-law was very anxious we not be late for this important event, pounding on our door to get up for church.
He was active in the church in the Willow Street, PA area after he moved to live near his daughter with his wife. She passed away there 6 years ago in her kitchen.
We are celebrating my in-law's 65th wedding anniversary this weekend. I'm sure this news will change the course of the weekend. Yet, this is life, sadness and joys, we experience them all. Live each day and love wholly.
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