Sunday, May 8, 2011

Surreal Worship Service

Worshiping God with song, a great one about how wonderful God is, that you close your eyes and focus on Him. Except, today, we had received conflicting news that one of our pastors had a heart attack on the platform earlier this morning. The ushers used the AED and shocked him once. He came back, first shouted, "Thank God." then I heard he apologized for interrupting the service. Wives of two of the other pastors, who had gone to the hospital with this pastor's wife, returned to this service with forcefulness in their walk. The first one was whispering in her husband's ear and the other was conferring with a deacon. Then the four of them gathered in the front, the main pastor with concern all over his face.
As the congregation is singing, I look at them and wonder how often, we have our crisis that no one can see while we're praising the Lord. This one played out in the front of the sanctuary, but most of our troubles and problems are hidden in our hearts and minds. And like Pastor Fred, who seemed to be the picture of health, trim, active and watched his diet, has 2 blocked arteries, according to his granddaughter, what is hiding underneath our smiling faces. It may not be a health problem, but a deep hurt or unforgiveness. While we are worshiping God, let us remember the great commandment and the second- To love the LORD your God with all our heart, soul, mind and body and our neighbor as ourselves. You never know the whole story.
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