Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Remember the opening of The Incredibles? As the super heroes had to blend into society, because they caused too many problems saving the world, the black and white newsreel, voice over, warned, "They walk among us." I have encountered in the last week, "They walk among us," with sexual predators.
Years ago, when Jeffery Damer was caught, I thought, he looks normal. Ted Bundy actually was handsome. We want the bad guys, well, to look like bad guys. Can't they have horns and a tail? Please?
They don't. They are our neighbors, our co-workers, our teachers, even family members. Now, just like we are warned in spiritual warfare teaching to not look for a demon under every rock, I don't want us to be paranoid.
We need to be aware, as I have been writing for two years. I warn again, to keep a guard by praying for discernment. I pray for children, who have innocence and don't know about the evil yet. Pray for those affected by all abuse, that light will shine, expose and protect the children.
Open your mouth, if you see it. Please, don't be passive. It doesn't go away. Pray for those who are on the front lines, like policemen, FBI, Child Protective Services and our schools, who expose the abusers. Pray the teachers, nurses, janitors and volunteers will possess boldness to report. We can't sit by any more.
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