Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Prayer focus this week and continue through summer is vacation Bible school, camps, and other summer programs.  Pray for the children attending. Pray for the teachers, volunteers and any others involved.
May the children enjoy, learn and be safe in all activities. May they grow. If home life is dismal, may these outings shed a ray of sunshine.
May the adults, first be safe havens for the children. As clearances are the law now and in Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf has waived the fee, may predators have a difficult time being around the children. As awareness grows, may the adults be tuned to signs of abuse.
Over all, we want a safe summer for our children. The days we dream of with carefree times are over and for some never existed. Let the children be kids and have fun. Join me in praying for that.

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