Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Tuesdays are designated for raising child abuse awareness and trying to stop it where I can. I enlighten my readers to open your eyes. Deeply look at children. And last week, I raised the topic of asking your own children the right questions. Be aware of subtle changes in their actions and attitudes. Don't be afraid of the answers you may get.
Children are trusting. That is their nature. Child abuse is heinous because of that. Hurting the helpless and the trusting while making threats so children won't tell is what makes this the lowest act. The child feels guilt for the actions of the adult.
We, as adults, act like detectives. Don't be wrapped up in your own troubles and cares to the extent you can't see the abused. Some signs could be bed wetting in older children, stuttering, flare up of tempers and anything out of the ordinary for your child.
We can't live in fear or you would never allow your children out of your sight. That is not healthy. Unfortunately, we live in a sinful world. But Jesus admonished us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Take knowledge and use it. And trust your gut. Trust your child. We teach them to respect and listen to those in authority, and most of the time they should. But always give them a respectful way out. Ask them to check with their parents before agreeing to something that doesn't feel right to them. Like I mentioned last week, have a prearranged signal to use when they need to get out of a situation and you drop everything to get to them.
Teddy's story touches me because the mother not only ignored the signs, but allowed her boyfriend to continue the behavior and joined in with some of the abuse. She is in jail. Pray for mothers and fathers to stand up to any abuse from adults toward their children. This has to be broken some way. Be aware. Act. Pray.
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