Thursday, March 5, 2015

Personal E-Mail

As I heard about Monday Ladies Prayer for Revival, I rejoice at how God moves with whatever we offer. This night the Spirit of intercession fell on the two who could go. I was really sick with a cold. I couldn't go out, even though I wanted to do both this and see Mary Ellen's play at SRU. I slept and watched A Man Called Peter, an inspiring movie about fiery Peter Marshall, a chaplain twice for the US senate back in the forties, before his untimely death at age forty six. I marvel in the movie of how his straight forward preaching of the Gospel drew overwhelming crowds.
This morning in my devotion book by Andrew Murray- Teach Me to Pray- this line stuck out: Let us by faith in the Lord Jesus give ourselves to be intercessors. I read about Paul and his letters, too, today, I'm amazed again at how sure he was. One time he wrote, his critics said about him, he's bold in his letters, but not in person. I find myself shrinking from writing lately. I know so much is wrong in this world, but I don't want to sound like a hater. Maybe I should look at my weariness of writing, as putting pearls before swine. Jesus, Himself, did not always put it straight out there, but used stories. Jesus' story telling inspired me to write fiction to point to the Truth.
I'm praying that the spirit of intercession will continue to fall on us. I'm also asking that you lift me up with this new stage of motherhood I'm entering. I finished Out of a Far Country last night, my second reading of a book about a gay son and his mother. We all have sin and like prodigals, need to return from far countries. I also ask that you would lift my writing in your throne time. I need to keep my eyes on my goal to write to the glory of God. As I write about some of my characters, I think of the fondness I hear in Jesus voice in one of His parables, "That rascal." No, Jesus didn't wink at sin, we know, but he did admire that sly man, who used resources, unlike the servant who buried his one talent. Yeah, I mixed parables. Sorry. I find it hard sometimes to write about my characters being in sin. I held back yesterday with the one I'm writing about, I felt too close to her abusing her child while she is under stress. I need to lean on God as to what is inspiring and what is insightful and instructive.
I know I'm on the mend. I enjoyed coffee this morning. Which means I didn't sleep until noon, too.
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