Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Review of "Out of a Far Country" on Amazon

Four years ago as the whole same sex marriage struggled for legality in our nation, I knew all the biblical reasons for marriage and I may add the biological and traditional reasons. I prayed though, Lord, I don't know any homosexuals personally and I need to understand this issue more from Your love. Soon, I heard Christopher and Angela interviewed on the radio. My heart was touched as much by their story as the answer to my heartfelt searching for answers in this searing issue of LBGT and loving this community. I ordered the book immediately. I cried when Christopher explained his journey and "holy sexuality."
Yes, I read this from a conservative Christian point of view. I prayed for an open mind. I appreciate that Christopher is still living a Christian life. I feel he is the real thing. I have done research. As he writes about his past, as a writer I heard his voice to take us to that time prior to his conversion. A young man, twenty two when he came out to his parents, tells of searching for love with the right one, like so many of us. I appreciate his struggle for answers after his imprisonment, and gleaning mostly from the Bible, alone, with prayer.
I reread this book just recently as I am now with prodigal adult children. Angela's story spoke to me about acceptance and showing Jesus' love. She and Christopher came to this later in their lives. My difference, I raised my children with the love of Christ. Taught them it is a relationship with Jesus, not religion, not just refraining from doing wrong- the old "How close can I walk near the cliff without falling off?" Jesus is not just an important part of life, but the important part of life. In this world it is hard to say, even more than four years ago, that sexual immorality is wrong. If I voice any opinion about "Holy sexuality," I'm viewed as a hater, judgmental and what's the other word, oh, yes, not evolved.
This book is honest. I believe they are the "real deal" in their faith. In even the Christian world, where sexual sin is not condemned in some churches, Christopher's teaching points the way.
Overall, it is not about us, but Jesus. We are to be holy as He is holy. By reading this book, in gentle ways, I am reminded of speak the truth in love.
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