Thursday, October 23, 2014

Laugh at Death

Marquee advertising the Book Signing this Saturday

If you have followed me for any length of time, you may guess I get into funks. My body gets tired and I push through days without any sense of accomplishments. I have come to peace with this. I get done what I get done. I watched this cycle with my mother. I do keep a check on my thyroid as well, but I accept that my body possesses limited strength. I'm OK with this.
The last few days, well almost a week, the funk settled in. The dull skies and leaves reminded me of a seventies' kitchen, listless avocado and gold. Did I miss the peak of the colors because of the rain and gloom? October signals death for me because of decreasing sunlight and the cold creeps in too often with snippets of stories of snow, usually only flurries in the north or mountains. Of course all the depictions of death with some gruesome Halloween decorations also depress me.
Then I wake early to promise of blue skies. The gray of predawn light replaced by a true gold. I am reminded Halloween evolved into a holiday to mock death, to laugh in its face. We, as Christians, should laugh the most, as I think of I Corinthians chapter 15 and 16. "O, Death where is your victory? O, Death where is your sting?"
Right now, I do live in a vessel of clay, but oh, glorious day, I will have a new body. A body that can run like the energizer bunny, but even better than that. I believe I'll focus on stories better than I can write here and still enjoy the work immensely. Our joy will be increased.
So now, I embrace laughing at death. His reign is only temporary. As we see on earth with our trees, the leaves fall in glory, but will bud again in spring. The earth awakens to different colors come April and May.
The funk is gone, as I knew it would be. I'm excited about my book signing this Saturday for many reasons. I will meet local authors. I will meet readers. I will meet friends. I look to this as a start of something great, whether with marketing or connections or growing as an author. But the day fills with promise, as the  predawn light shines differently without clouds.
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