Thursday, October 9, 2014

Catch Up

New pathway to the park

 Join me on my walk Tuesday. Still abundant green, but colors readying for the peak.

This week, not sure what ailed me, gastro distress, headache, achy joints and dizziness covered with overwhelming sleepiness. I missed Teddy's Law Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday, my somewhat cheating days, so I spend more time writing my novel. I did write Tuesday, but yesterday was total wash out.
I woke early to feeling too warm. My balance off, making me stumble some. I peeked outside to see if the skies were clear for the lunar eclipse since I was awakened. The sky crystal with bright stars, one calling to me, it seemed. I couldn't see the moon at first because of the tree out my front door. Then I noticed white through the leaves. The moon, with a slight sliver edging away.
I grabbed my chair and sat in the shadows before six AM by my van. I stared at the moon creeping into the shadow of the earth. The silence of the morning, far away freeway traffic, crickets, the gentle breeze tickling the leaves surrounded me. I listened for thoughts, what came was what I just wrote about the silence.
As soon as the moon became muddy red, my gut rumbled. I ran for the bathroom. After a few minutes catching up on news between a few trips to bathroom, I succumbed to sleep. I wanted to sleep all day. Any one knowing me and how I push myself to stay up in sunshine would know I was sick. I had no strength.
So today, I'll share a story about child abuse and my pictures I took for Wordless Wednesday.
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