Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (Semi)

Four swans on Lake Julia
Super Moon over Lake Julia

I couldn't decide on one picture, so I picked two this week. Another super moon, which is a focus of my novel I'm writing now. I guess I should call this semi- wordless Wednesday today.
Listening to Better Days for the mood of Last Free Exit. I also have to go once over Main Street final proof. I relish days off and the weather is unusually cool. Something about a Polar Vortex, the weather people make up names any more. I always remember cooler days in middle of July. One year in the early seventies I wore a jean jacket on the Fourth of July for the fireworks at the Oak Tree Country Club on the Ohio border. Like life, weather is really unpredictable. Memories are short, but "Life is long." T.S. Elliot.
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