Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday

A reminder:

I traveled on the interstate this weekend. I stopped at a rest area after all that coffee. On Sunday, many families with small children mulled about. The thought to keep my eyes opened entered my mind. Even in the wilds of Pennsylvania, abuse or sex trafficking does happen.
I also realized I didn't know what number to call, even if I had seen something suspicious. I know the number was posted on my blog, but I couldn't have pulled it up.
The point of this is two fold. One, keep eyes and ears opened for any abnormal behaviors. Two, keep a number handy, speed dial in a phone to report suspected abuse.  I do think the laws need changed, as the Child Protection Agency failed Teddy in the largest way. But we need also to take responsibility for our children as a society by keeping eyes open, pray for those in charge of them and those who are called on cases that their eyes may also see neglect and abuse. Teddy lost his life because of the failure of two school districts, the CPA, neighbors and ultimately, the mother who hid all the abuse. She and her lover, the killer, are behind bars.
Keep eyes open. Report abuse. And above all, pray.

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