Thursday, July 3, 2014


Writing. What an adventure the path proves. The novel I started with NaNoWriMo posted road blocks in my imagination. I wondered about the map for the plot and plausible plot points. This week two stories, one, unfortunately real and the other on a TV show- I don't even know which one- showed me some insight to my plot.
The real one peaked my interest when it broke. A woman's body found in local landfill, the first headline alerted my ears. I didn't follow it too much at first, but I sat down last night to read the Vindicator's interview with the biological mother of the victim, a sixteen year old girl. Truly a story in the making for Lifetime TV. The similarity ends there with my story. Yet, I can glean ideas for my novel.
As I passed my medications the other night, a detective show or action show played on a resident's TV. A detective searched through a garbage bin in a mall, it appeared to me. A clean scene as the garbage was all bagged in black bags. Yet, he found a round flesh colored glob. I thought, Oh, my, that is almost the same as the opening scene of Last Free Exit, so I hung around to see a few more minutes. The fugitive cut out his tracking device imbedded in his skin. It was a body part.
My next thought came out of my mouth, "I guess I better watch some TV because I'll be accused of plagiarism or at least stealing ideas." I didn't want to go into a lot of details. I felt like Joel Rosenberg, who writes thrillers about the Middle East and soon after they are published, something very similar to his story happens. I'm not saying I'm anywhere near that, but I did think about him.
When I wrote Main Street, I made Tom Sloan an owner of a livery stable. Martha, his wife, thinking back on the early years, yearned for the young foals and that time of promise. She loved seeing them. The next day as I was playing with this idea, I saw a baby donkey at a patient's home, just born the night before.
I call these instances, nuggets or gifts from above. I totally rest in the hand of love I feel when I'm writing. Giddy when these gifts come, my legs float under me. I have been busy with selling Summer Triangle this past week. I look forward to writing more this weekend. These nuggets rekindle the fire to continue Last Free Exit, after I proof Main Street.
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