Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday

As we go about enjoying our summer activities with our kids & grand kids there are so many children suffering daily abuse. The abuse is often very violent placing these kids at risk for permanent physical & emotional damage, if they survive their childhood. Supporting Teddy's Law and speaking out against child abuse may well benefit a child you have never met. Many more people read our facebook page than the amount of comments posted, some may be children! Thanks & blessings to all! (MVD)
From Teddy's Law facebook page. Also a reminder to never, ever leave children, animals or plants for that matter in a hot car. Don't underestimate the heat or overestimate your efficiency. A video of a woman with sweat pouring out of her face describing the few minutes she sat in a car with windows rolled up to place an online order. Even her phone attempted to shut down. As Cole Porter wrote in Kiss Me Kate, "It's too damn hot."
My point is always for awareness and acting on that awareness. If you see this, call the police, break a window, rescue a child. Keep your eyes open.

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