Friday, July 1, 2011

Prescription for a Better Back

I wouldn't call this writer's block, but pain from sitting too long. My back is much better since I saw the doctor on Tuesday. I'm amazed at how he seemed to know in two days I would be feeling better. Now it just a quick pang and then gone. I'm able to move easier.
Yet, I don't want to spend too much time at the keyboard because I stiffen. Found out my brother-in-law is having much more pain. He's even using a walker.
Well, the real deal breaker in all of this is I need to exercise so these flabby muscles can compensate for an incapacitated back. Just upper arm strength to push me out of the chair. Never want this back thing to continue. I also need to watch body mechanics, twisting with lap top and nurse's bag, getting out of a car, how I sit in a patient's home, and my posture.
I need water therapy, like 3 weeks at the beach. Do you think my insurance will pay for that?
In the past, didn't the doctor prescribe a trip to the seashore? Not anymore, I'm sorry to say.
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