Friday, July 29, 2011

Celebration Time, C'mon!

I realized this is my 90th blog posting! I have to celebrate something I enjoy so much. If I had prizes, I do something great like that. Maybe next month, when I win the Publisher's Clearing House- $5,000 a week for life!
I've been thinking of celebration and what that means. What do I want to relate in this blog? Memories of family for sure, the fun we had growing up in a Christian family, in church and Christian life. But I want to be careful to not have the reader confuse Christian with religion. The new buzz is don't speak Christianese. My motto is following hard after Jesus. What does that mean?
Life lived to glorify God, by reaching out to those in need. Our home was always opened to the sick, needy and wanting. We kids knew all were invited. Several of Dan's friends lived with us while they were getting on their feet after being in the service, or such. Family members recuperated in our home. Uncle Dave and Uncle Bill lived with us.
Prayer and Bible reading were common. Mom read her devotions after breakfast with her coffee. Talk of God was not unusual. It was life. And we did have a lot of fun.
Today for me, life is an adventure. Yes, there are trials. Jesus promised that, but He has overcome them. He is fighting for us. I have the privilege of approaching the throne room of the Maker of the Universe anytime I want. He invites me by covering me with His righteousness. I just mention Jesus name and my sins are forgotten by the Lord Almighty.
As I try to live this life, I know I'm in a battle, not only with unseen forces, but my own self. Victories are to be celebrated. God does fight for us. He often says in the Bible- The battle is Mine. Many psalms start out with lamenting and depending on human strength, but lead to trusting God and praising Him. I read Psalms every day to get me started.
Life is not boring. As I read the Bible every day, I'm amazed at how the verses meet my problems or mood that day. I've read and reread it, yet every day the words of life are new, fresh, breathing into my life. I hear advice and comfort in other ways, too. A song on the radio or word of wisdom, the sermon on Sunday often is a summary of what I've been hearing all week. Life with an infinite God is not boring.
Reaching, touching people is my job, but also my mission. I treat them like I would want to be treated or would want someone to treat my family. With that mind set and the Holy Spirit, caring is easy. I also find it interesting the remarks made. Often, I hear, "That cat won't come out when people come, but look at it!" as a cat just sits by me. I feel they can sense the presence of the Lord. I pray anyways I leave the peace of God where I go. Now if that isn't something to celebrate!
That is the best part. Jesus wants me to be His friend. Not because of what I do. It is not much. But because He made me, knows me and loves me, as the Bible says, with an everlasting love.
Life is worth celebrating with Jesus.
That can be your prize for reading my 90th post today, if you don't know Jesus of the Bible this way, get to know Him today. You just tell Him you're a sinner,(Romans 3:23) unworthy of knowing the Ruler of the Universe- yes, like in Isaiah 6- "Woe is me"- but trust Him to love you and forgive your sins by what He did on the cross(the ending of the first four books of the New Testament- Matthew, Mark, Luke,John) and ask Him to live in you- Rev. 3:20. Life will never be the same.
You will have a God who rejoices over you with loud singing(Zephaniah 3:17)
For some crazy Jesus follower blogs, I suggest my reading list, especially and the Priest for those who don't go to church. and all the rest. They are great people.
Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!
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