Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's in the Face

We had a meeting Friday at work.  Being home health nurses it may be awhile since we've seen each other, especially since my company covers such a large territory.   I noticed one nurse was wearing make up, a new look.  She had just started selling Tupperware and the exuberance of a new endeavor was all over her.  Later, she remarked on Facebook that she is loving doing her inventory.
I remember my Party Light glow and Mary Kay smile.  The whole idea of starting a business where I could put on stylish clothes and sell a product while having fun is so appealing.  I enjoyed taking care of my candles and the make up, thinking of  party ideas, door prizes and for the candles, reading decorating magazines or visiting furniture stores to build up my knowledge of home interior styles.   Any way to promote my business consumed me.  Such confidence buoyed my walk.  Venturing out in these home business gave something the grind of blood and guts of nursing seemed to never give.  If anything, nursing sucks the life blood out of you.
Seeing this nurse the other day and her comment brought to my mind that I also felt this way when I started my blog.  No inventory to buy, no house to clean for the big kick off party, no innumerable phone calls to sell yourself is the big difference.  Writing and now blogging has given me an inner peace and confidence that I'm doing what I've always wanted to do.  It revives me.
Allowing Jesus to be Lord of your life is the best transformation.  Jesus gives you a new name.  He always did: Jacob the deceiver became Israel the prince, Simon became Peter, the rock, Saul became Paul, the preacher. They were also named before they fully became their name.  It isn't abracadabra with Jesus.  People do get that inner glow when they have a conversion experience.  Jacob walked with a limp.  Paul was blind for a few days.  But there is a growing process and a person has  to make the decision every day to take up the life that is set before him.  Unlike religion though, Jesus promised a Helper to enable us to walk the walk, we don't have to do it alone.  And He lives inside to guide us all the time.  Again, this may take time, practice to hear His voice. As in starting the multitude of businesses we can embark upon, there is help available.  The advisers, directors, and your team will encourage you, cheer you on.  The Holy Spirit does that, too, through the manual, the Bible, and people in our lives.
Allow His inner glow to fill you and transform you into the name He gives you.
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