Monday, March 21, 2011

Tell Me Your Story

Pastor had a great sermon yesterday about compassion, Jonah and knowing people's history.  I like to say story- what is your story?
That is probably the best part of my job is hearing so many stories and getting a chance to tell mine.  I'm not a "professional" nurse in the sense that I do get personal with my patients.  One reason I left the hospital, so I could really talk with people.  Pastor even mentioned that yesterday, that we have a lot of professionals in the world today- preachers, teachers, nurses.  How many of us really get to know the stories?  Stories are what drive us.  I only had one patient tell me I was too personal and I backed off.  Hey, at 94, you have a right to talk or not.  Another man, who was 112, told me about history, but he did not want to live in the past and was much more interested in my laptop.
Part of the admission process is demographics with religion a topic.  I don't think it should be there, but I do like to know the religion of people.  We all have religion, whether we're church goers or not.  We have a background.  I easily can guess some people's religion from their home's interior- crucifix, pictures of the Pope suggests strongly they are Roman Catholic.   Plagues with scripture inform me usually that they take God personally.  If they say, "Jehovah has blessed me."  I know that they are Jehovah's Witnesses.  Yes, I get to knock on their door!
Everyone is still different, but knowing their story helps me understand them, treat them, and teach them.  Story is what we have that is original with each one.  There may be similarities but never assume it is the same.  We can learn from each story and we must.
I must say meeting people is what refreshes me in my job.  I can start out feeling totally blue and crabby, but meet some great people with interesting lives and I'm buoyed again.  Tell me your story.
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