Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Thoughts have been bouncing around.  My handwritten journal is bulging with information that I've been scratching in it with almost no rhyme or reason, just writing while waiting for planes, on planes and then this morning trying to catch up.  No style has graced those words as I frantically throw them together quickly to not loose the weekend.  The coma sleep also overcame me as I tried to write yesterday and this morning.
I can't process what has happened in Japan in relation to such a wonderful, magical weekend.  I would watch the incredible images on TV against the calm Gulf of Mexico.  We were 6 stories above the ground and could see both the Gulf and the sound.  I could go out on the balcony and totally ignore the suffering on the other side of the world.  Also the extremely happy occasion of a wedding and seeing so many people I love contrasted again with a wife or sister on TV relaying their worry and almost certainty that they will not see their love one ever again on this earth.
I really don't know what to say.  Maybe it is too early to comment.  Ron Hutchcraft was on a radio program I listen to this afternoon.  He says it so well, I don't want to repeat it for fear of sounding like I'm stealing his words.  I do encourage you to read his blogs.  I just know we need to pray for the minuscule Christian influence in Japan.  No matter what the reason for disasters, it does bring people to ponder and seek a higher power.  I do not believe God causes it, but He may lift His hand of protection as a Father may with his children to help them grow.  Anyway of saying this can be misconstrued so I'm treading on shaky ground.  I know He uses everything to pull us closer to Him because He loves us with an everlasting love and He wants no one to perish.  He is not standing over people with some big hammer to punish.  He is extremely patient and gives people many chances.  It is our choice what we do with His love.
I suppose the best thing for me to say about this weekend of wedding and disaster is a lesson we all know, but need to often relearn.  Cherish your love ones and keep in touch.  Make every effort to be together, sacrifice if need be.  Show love to those around you.
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