Thursday, April 23, 2015

Woot! Woot! 1000!


This is my one thousand post. Yes, 1000. I started this blog four years ago, which I commemorated  earlier this year. Woot! Woot! 1000! I'm breaking all those rules, but I am happy about exclamation points and using numbers.
Ups and downs mark my writing here. Some posts I love and some I say, oh, well, I'm writing. I am amazed at what is popular. The top five pageviews on posts:

 Scary Halloween- Top by far with 475
Wyoming and High Altitude
The Newel Post- popular in France
Wordless Wednesday- October 29, 2014

Top pageviews by country
USA- 32,503
Russia- 2332

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I experimented with Word Press, but didn't like that I couldn't make the picture of the house stand out. Readers complained they missed the house. I also became accustomed to Blogger. I left Blogger because I flubbed up with my ad sense, asking people to click on the ads after I said nothing about them for  two years. Some of the ads looked interesting and I knew I couldn't view them and forgot I shouldn't direct my audience to them. I was close to getting a hundred dollar check and they shut me down. I felt shame and stupid. I learned.
I added Team Teddy Tuesdays and Wordless Wednesdays as regular features. I hoped Wordless Wednesdays would free up my time for writing my novels. And it has helped.
I had one novel written when I started the blog. Main Street written in dark and isolation, as the story is, too. I feared to show I was writing. Fear of being laughed at? I have only been met with encouragement. Thank you.
With those moments in my kitchen first thing in the morning, when I feel mocked by my own doubts, I have been discouraged at times. I don't see the progress I want. I want to make more money to be able to write more. But as any working woman will tell you, having a schedule helps you get more accomplished.
I've published two novels, Summer Triangle first then followed a year later with Main Street. I had a great book launch with that book based on West Middlesex. Love inspires me to keep writing.
This year, I have three novels planned to published. One this spring. Then summer and fall will follow with two more. I look forward to West PA Author Book Festival July 25, 2015 in Mercer, Pennsylvania with four books to sign.
One thousand coincides with my birthday week. Celebration of mile stones fill the next few days. I push forward to two thousand. Thank you for reading and keep on reading. I love you, readers. Next post, 1001.

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