Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Now that I manage the Team Teddy page, I seem to run out of ideas for this day on my blog. So I trolled the internet today and then the phone ideas come up. I have been talking of how parents need to protect their children, as well as provide a way out if their child is in an abusive situation. This week, I have seen two incidences where young girls are targeted.
One was nine, playing computer games that provided a chat room. The family noticed the unusual traffic. A fourteen year old from Texas was 'in love' with their daughter. They immediately removed her phone with strong discipline. Even nine year old children in a loving home are suspect to flattery.
I just read an article about a twelve year old messaging with a man. He only wanted her to smoke a joint and cuddle. This was in our local Sharpsville. He also used the 'love' word and wanted to marry her.
As I have said from the beginning of this subject, we, as responsible adults need to be aware of the children around us. Another adult found this man in the victim's bedroom and called the police. Parents need to check those texts on a child's phone. The predators are hungry and they know the bait. Some young girls, especially, crave love, even when they are filled at home. There is something exciting about an older man paying attention to her, even though we as adults can see it for the sickness that it is.
We can't have an iron fist or make it so our children don't want to share with us. Let them know the phones, Facebook, other messaging social forms of communication are subject to inspection. In my day, we had the three phones that parents could pick up the extension and listen. Follow your gut. Nine or twelve or seventeen, let your children know you love them and you are watching out for their welfare, and always that you love them.

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