Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Be an influencer. This page is to raise awareness of child abuse, stop it when you can and today, I'm encouraging you to be a light in a child's life. I was no victim of child abuse, but I had ladies, especially, who modeled behavior in my younger life.
One such lady passed away Sunday night in her sleep. She moved from this area about twenty two years ago to be with her kids. I'd seen her off and on in this period, but not much. I thought of her on Maundy Thursday, as I recalled when her son and I became communicant members of our church. My father was in the hospital and couldn't be there. My mom didn't drive, but Barb invited us to their house for a celebration after church with cake.
Barb taught Sunday school, release time and took an interest in our lives. She expected the best from us. Sometimes that seemed annoying, but underneath, we knew she did it with love. She was the first to really encourage Bible memorization with more than a verse at a time. She had no doubt we were able and we were.
Barb and her husband helped my dad out when my mother was bedridden with cancer. They sat with her if he had a meeting to attend. I remember hearing something about grapes. Barb's love wrapped with good deeds, as well.
At my father's death, she helped in our
Barb on the left, my mom on the right.
kitchen to prepare a dinner for our family between calling hours. I expressed displeasure with something my husband didn't do at the time. She calmly conveyed to not criticize him, because he was my husband. He had been doing something else to help. That feeling of her encouragement of marriage comes often when I want to cut down my husband. And to not jump to conclusions.
She and her husband also supported missions. They went on several assignments in America. One to Sitka, Alaska. Bob had electrical skills and she cleaned. Their humble actions used by God.
This couple also babysat our kids when my young adults had Bible study. My daughter called her Grandma Barb. I grieved because they seemed to leave our area too early. I yearned for more grandparent figures in my children's life.
In memory of Barb and Bob, who passed away in 2010, I ask that we all take an interest in a child's life. Encourage them to aspire to their best. Don't doubt abilities. Take them out to lunch. Listen to their dreams. Be an influencer.
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