Monday, April 20, 2015

Forgive Jesus

Forgive Jesus
Mollie Lyon

Forgive Jesus, forgive Jesus. Wow!
He sends me into storms.
I see Him walk on water.
He is always with me.
Winds howl, rain floods my eyes
I can't see Jesus. I can't see Him.
Does He sneak up behind in the wind and the storm?
Is He sleeping on the boat?
He said He would never leave me
Nor forsake me, yet, do I feel He has
When I'm blinded by it all?
I don't acknowledge that doubt.
I blame His imperfect followers.
I blame myself.
I can't blame the Savior.
Yet, I do, down in my soul.
Lord, don't leave me,
Like you left the demoniac
After delivering him.
You haven't take me to Paradise
“Today, you will be with Me.”
When life was so hard I wanted to go.

When Dad died, I, like Martha,
Scolded You, “If only You had been here.”
Why didn't You answer those prayers?
I skirted around the Bible answers.
I felt hollow with those.
Why can't I be in Paradise?
Why no rapture to keep Mom from death?
We fear the moment we die
Not the moment after.
I push these questions down,
Down, down deep.
I believe You. I believe
“Lo, I am with you always.”
I know You promised trials
You promise. The one promise
I bitterly remind all, we can count on.
I seek answers to my comfort.
I know, “Count it all joy.” these trials.
I know. I know. I know.
Even though I walk through the Valley
-of death
-of doubt
-of unforgiving
-of misfortune
-of disappointment
You are with me,
Your rod to tap me
Your staff to guide me
You do no wrong, but I felt wronged.
“Lord, if only You had...”
If only You had shown up.
If only Your people could read my mind.
If only You tapped their shoulders to pay attention to my plight.
In the beautiful fight.

The fight began before I was born
And will continue until that bright victorious morn.
And Jesus shows forgiveness
He washes dirty feet
He hung from a shameful cross.
“Father, forgive them,
For they know not what
They do.”
And I must follow You
In forgiving as You forgave.
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