Friday, April 17, 2015

Dreaming Again

I woke this morning in the continued funk, although I am fighting it. I thought of the work schedule and only having every third weekend off. I thought of home health and better days. I weighed my options and know changing horses right now, midstream, is not the best idea. I took a shower.
After a check up for my sinus infection and grousing about health care with my doctor, I got the usual blood work done. I talked up Haitian Sensation, next door to the lab, but I had determined to visit downtown Sharon's new coffee cafe, Charmed. And I am charmed by red walls with purple accents. The song Broken by Casting Crowns played overhead.
I got a bacon scone and chocolate hazelnut biscotti to go with the Drive Me Crazy coffee. I thought of sitting at the counter, but then the window beckoned me.
After enjoying my selection, I ask the important question, "Where is the rest room?" I take more pictures and really love the decor.
on my table

After coming out of the rest room, I studied the book shelf more closely. Then I returned to the next room and ask the owner about the book shelf. I added, "I'm a published author."
Terrie asked what kind of books I write. She then suggested I could have an area to promote my novels there. I gave her my card, knowing full well, I'm not waiting to come back. We talked with another shop owner downtown, who is helping her out. Sarah, owns Redeemed, moved up by Designs by G. I can feel a story coming...
I had more business to do, like pick up my glasses. The overcast sky didn't make it cold. I enjoyed not wearing a jacket or socks. I walked East on State Street. First Dr. Ways, then on up to Designs by G. I sold a book! And the readers want to know when the next one is coming out. I aiming for June. The next two after that should come faster.
Talking to Geri inspires me every time I walk into her store. She carries my books and she has invited me to put out a table to sign them during the Waterfire celebrations downtown. I'm pumped. She also showed me pictures of the interior of Cravings, in the Civic Center, which will house the Penn State Creamery ice cream- yes, Ben and Jerry studied there- as well as Mr. D's food, Philadelphia candies and O'Neil coffee.  I can see the people streaming in now. Bright, clean and modern tables seating hundreds. Downtown is popping.
And I set to dreaming again. I can be a writer. I am a writer. I would love to travel, but I love my Valley. I love the new shops. I love being able to walk outside again in shirt sleeves. Even with gray skies, I dream. And a friend bought my books for his new Kindle.

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