Friday, December 5, 2014

Mom's Birthday, December Sixth

December 6, 1923 Mary Jean Evans was born to William Lewis "Lew" and Hazel Evans. I wrote before that Grandma labored all day on December 5 while preparing Lew's birthday dinner. Mom was the second child born to my grandparents.
Mom reports she was a sickly child. Very thin and didn't walk for awhile. She didn't believe Grandma thought she would live.
But Mom did live. She was eighty five when she died. One of her childhood birthdays was recorded in the Sharon Herald. Grandma made her a checkerboard cake without the special pan.
Mom did feel a little cheated having a birthday so close to Christmas. She received many combination gifts and I must admit I was guilty of that when I was younger. She also had to share her birthday at times, first with her father, then with her youngest granddaughter. I don't think she resented the combined family parties we had for her and Mary Ellen.
I thought today, Woodland, her nursing home, had a spaghetti dinner fund raiser, always seemed to be on her birthday. My brother, his wife and daughter and the girls and I went, enjoying the entertainment as well. I wonder if they still have that fund raiser. Her last birthday, in 2007, she didn't join the festivities, preferring to stay in her room.
We also had pizza and cake many years. When she still lived in her apartment, we crammed into it with an extra friend of Mary Ellen's. After I took the girls, Mary Ellen, Katie, Sarah, and Cassie to Kraynak's for Santa Land and pictures with Santa. I bought them all a photo.
The year I was large with child we went to a restaurant in Transfer. We relished being together. Afterwards, I took chocolate chip cookies to our new neighbors. Ambling up the hill with my oversize belly. The next night, I was in labor.
I can't remember many of her birthdays when I was little. One year, she bought shrimp cocktails in special glass bowls. Grandpa like shrimp cocktail, so I know it was for him, whether for his birthday or Christmas is hazy. But Mom always thought of her family first.
I miss my mom, but I know she has been having the best birthdays ever these last six years. Her last years on earth, she slowed down much and I'm sure she missed my dad. I know I miss them both and so does my family, but I am so thankful for all the memories.
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